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Plant Nutrition

GreenGrahi's primary focus is to rigorously develop agri-biological solutions that not only enhance both soil & plant nutrition but also boost immunity & stimulate plant defenses. Meticulously formulated with optimum concentration of nutrients, microbes & biomolecules like chitin and AMPs,  we are prepared to revolutionize both agricultural and food system with insect based biologicals.

Organic Fertiliser

enGOLD is a unique bioactive organic fertilizer that contains important macro & micronutrients, immunity-boosting biomolecules, and beneficial microbes that promote plant growth and boost plant’s immunity to disease.

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  • Known to improve flowering and fruiting

  • Reduce flower/leaf drop,

  • Restore soil microbiota

Suitable for:

  • All horticulture crops


  • 8-10 kg per acre

​Reasons To Trust And Love Us

  • Our formulations are developed on well composted and stabilised insect-frass to ensure it has high nutrient availability and zero pathogen risk.

  • Our Ingedients are tested by in extensive farm trials with farmers.

  • We consistently ensure that premium quality and efficiency of our products stay unmatched.

  • Our ingredients make you a sustainable brand by reducing the carbon footprint, and the process uses less water and land than most alternatives.

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Plant Store

Why Plant Nutrition?

Insect-derived biofertilizers, biostimulants, and biocontrol products offer a range of benefits. They nourish plants with essential nutrients, foster the growth of soil microorganisms, hold water for a long time, and enhance soil structure through organic matter.

Suitable for both open field and potting soil systems, these products boast numerous advantages. They feature an optimal N-P-K and micronutrient balance, incorporate chitin to trigger plant defense mechanisms, and harbor various beneficial microbes, humic acid, and growth-stimulating hormones.

This all-natural solution effectively restores vital ecological equilibrium in soil. Incorporate this innovative product into your fertilizer regimen to provide your soil with everything necessary for cultivating healthy, nutrient-rich crops


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