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About Green Grahi

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Established in 2021 by an international recycling expert Shivali Sugand and an experienced business operator Siddharth Sharma, GreenGrahi is dedicated to establishing a sustainable, impactful, and scalable business through the integration of technology and life sciences. The GreenGrahi team has experienced rapid growth, evolving into a dynamic insect biotechnology company with a team of over 30 individuals, all unified in their mission to harness the potential of insects.

Our Story

JULY 2022


Ideation Stage:

We conducted comprehensive surveys across major Indian cities to delve into the root causes behind the wastage of various organic streams, assess existing markets, and identify critical gaps.


Surprisingly, our findings revealed a stark reality: not a single solution effectively valorized or upcycled organic waste in a manner that was both sustainable and scalable.


Driven by this discovery, we embarked on an in-depth exploration of the insect industry.


GreenGrahi Creation:

We conducted experimental trials to comprehensively understand the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) lifecycle, growth patterns on various types of residues, and optimized mass flows.


Concurrently, we sized the market, refined our business model, and forged strategic partnerships to propel GreenGrahi's growth, collaborating with esteemed incubators and accelerators.

Taking our vision to the international stage, we showcased our concept at the prestigious Kellogg School of Management in the US, collaborating with top business practitioners and professors globally. Rigorously testing our thesis and business model, we secured multiple grants and emerged victorious in various competitions.

Further expanding our knowledge base, we embarked on visits to insect businesses in Germany, Israel, and the United States. Leveraging insights from consultations with numerous industry experts, we solidified our pursuit of a superior solution.

Product Development and benchmarking:

Returned to India to implement acquired knowledge firsthand. Established an end-to-end pilot unit to optimize the entire insect production process. Refining and validating technology for climate-controlled breeding, growth, and post-processing of insect ingredients.Strengthened internal R&D and forged global research partnerships to develop products as per industry standards. Assembled a core team of top scientists and operators, expanding team size to 12 members.


Research, Development & Trials:

Initiated R&D and actual field trials of Insect-based animal & plant products with experts to validate performance & bio-efficacy. Secured grants and govt. fundings to complete trials & testing. Secured funding from institutional investors to fuel further growth, innovation, and capacity expansion.


Product Validation, Commercial Traction, and Insect Lifecycle Innovation:

Having rigorously tested product efficacy with top aquafeed, pet food, and agricultural research institutes, alongside commercial partners, we've secured long-term contracts due to exceptional outcomes. Additionally, we're honored to have received the prestigious BIRAC BIG Grant to enhance our insect production technologies, scaling up operations and maximizing efficiency.


Our diverse team comprises specialists excelling in various domains, spanning from entomology, nutrition, and microbiology to engineering and project management.

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