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Animal Nutrition

GreenGrahi's primary focus is to rigorously develop products to enhance quality, performance and health of animals by meticulously scrutinizing pivotal nutritional components of insect ingredients including high quality protein, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, chitin, and antimicrobial peptides.

Specialty Dog Feed Ingredient 
DF 300

Introducing a 100% natural specialty protein supplement for dogs & cats, meticulously crafted to offer multiple functional benefits for gut, joint, and skin health. This revolutionary formula caters especially to pets with sensitive digestion or intolerances to traditional meats, ensuring optimal well-being and vitality for our beloved companions.



  • Promotes Mood Improvement

  • Better Skin and Coat 

  • Improves Immune Function and reduces allergenicity

  • Improves Joint Health

  • Improves Cognitive Health

  • Higher Digestibility

Suitable for:

  • All adult cat & dog breeds


  • Inclusion up to 45%


Why Insects?

Insects have always been part of natural diet of animals.

After elaborate studies, Insects especially hermetia illucens have been authorized to be used in animal feed in aquaculture, poultry, cat & pet food by many Asian countries as well as in Europe & the U.S.

Insects have a well balanced nutritional profile. The amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, bioactive compounds like chitin, immune stimulating compounds like AMPs or anti- microbial Peptides make them a game-changer, not merely for sustaining animals but elevating functional performance and contributing to overall immunity enhancement.

Today, the positive impact of insect ingredients are already proven on variety of animals such as shrimp, rainbow trout, sea bass, atlantic salmon, hen, dogs and cats, both in research as well as commercial scale.

(Tran et al., 2022,Veldkamp et al., 2022a, J.Insects Food Feed 2017) Due to their unique characteristics, insect-derived products can reduce the dependence on traditional unsustainable proteins & fats, synthetic functional feeds, supplements & antibiotics.

At Greengrahi, we understand that animal nutrition is not just about meeting basic needs; it's about optimizing health and performance.


Reasons To Trust And love Us

  • Our larvae are grown in well-controlled environments and fed on vegetal, non-GMO, traceable side streams (not waste), enabling a nutritious, safe and sustainable animal feed product.

  • Our ingredients are tested by reputed National ICAR institutions in extensive farm trials.

  • We consistently ensure premium quality and efficiency of our products is unmatched.

  • Our ingredients make you a sustainable brand by reducing the carbon footprint, and the process uses less water and land than most alternatives.

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